swingALL Coventry Children, Birth to Age 8 are Nurtured, Healthy & Engaged and Successful Learners

The STEPS Collaborative is Coventry’s local early childhood council, which oversees the School Readiness Grant from the State Department of Education and the Discovery Grant from the W.C. Graustein Memorial Fund. STEPS represents concerned parents and community members, educators, & local and state leaders, all of whom are interested and committed to early childhood initiatives. Since 2008, STEPS has been engaged in work to ensure that “All Coventry Children, Birth to Age 8 are Nurtured, Healthy and Engaged and Successful Learners.” In November 2012, a Community Plan was published which examines three main content areas: Nurtured, Healthy, and Education. The Community Plan is data driven and includes local and state data about how Coventry children are doing on the identified Indicators. While we know that the vast majority of Coventry children are Nurtured, Healthy and Engaged and Successful Learners, there are many who are not. The Community Plan includes strategies aimed at improving the Indicators.



Headline Indicator:
Child Abuse & Neglect
Headline Indicator:
Body Mass Index
Headline Indicator:
Early Literacy
The average rate per 1,000 children ages birth to nine of substantiated reports of child abuse and neglect between 2008-2011 was 20.86, which was the 3rd highest in Tolland County, following Vernon and Stafford. Over 30% of the graduating classes of 2015 and 2016 had BMIs in the overweight or obese categories, in both their Kindergarten and 6th grade years. A recent study by CT DPH found that 1/3 of all CT Kindergarten students are overweight or obese. In 2010, between 35-40% of Coventry’s Kindergartners performed at level 3 (demonstrate skills with minimal support) in the areas of Language and Literacy on the Kindergarten Entrance Inventory. The District Reference Group (DRG) averaged 47% in the same year.
Secondary Indicators: Headline Indicator: Active Living Secondary Indicators:
  • In 2011-2012,16.9% of Coventry students were eligible for Free or Reduced price Lunch.
  • In 2011 there were 39 incidents of family violence in Coventry.
In the past 5 out of 6 years Coventry has performed well below the state average on the 4th grade physical fitness tests. In 2011, 41.9% of Coventry 4th grade students reached all four standards, while 50.9% of the 4th graders in the State reached all four standards.
  • In 2010-11, 80% of Coventry children had a preschool experience.
  • In 2011, 47% of Coventry K students scored proficient on the Developmental Reading Assessment. 85% of first grade students, 76% of second grade students, and 89% of third grade students scored proficient on the fall DRAs.
Nurtured Strategies: Healthy Strategies: Headline Indicator: Reading Success
  1. Improve communication between, enhance coordination of, and access to services provided by agencies and departments working with children and families.
  2. Create a Family Resource Center to serve as a one-stop shopping location for parents and families to access information and services.
  1. Raise awareness and increase parental knowledge about nutritious eating.
  2. Increase comprehensiveness and strength of the Coventry School Wellness policies to become more in line with federal requirements.
  3. Increase the amount of physical activity for all Coventry children birth – age 8 and their families.
  4. Develop a deeper and more comprehensive understanding of all health needs of Coventry’s young children.
  5. Explore options for providing more health support services in town.
In 2011, 64.3% scored at or above goal on the 3rd Grade CMT Reading assessment, as compared to 65% for the DRG. In 2012, Coventry made significant improvement in the % reaching goal and needs to sustain this progress.
Secondary Indicator:
Reading Success based on income: In 2011, 33.3% of 3rd graders eligible for FRL did not meet state CMT goals, as compared to 69.7% of students who paid full price for lunch. This represents a large achievement gap.
Education Strategies:
  1. Create a culture for promoting and celebrating family literacy in homes, schools and community.
  2. Promote literacy development and narrowing of the reading achievement gap.
  3. Create a system of equitable preschool opportunities for all Coventry children.





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Preschool – It’s Not Too Late To Enroll

The Coventry Early Childhood Center (CECC), located in the Hale Early Education Center (on the Capt. Nathan Hale Middle School campus) still has a couple of openings in the school day program (6 hours per day). There is generous financial assistance available. For example, if a family of 2 is earning less than $10,000 they will pay $200/year for the program. A family of 4 earning approximately $80,000 will pay $2400 for the same program. Please contact CECC for more information at 860-742-4550 or contact us.

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