Education Strategy Table

STRATEGY 1: Create a culture for promoting and celebrating family literacy in homes, schools and community


1. Partner with parents, as first teachers, beginning at birth to build awareness of the importance of literacy and their capacity to promote literacy in their homes



STEPS (birth packet)

Librarian, HS,


civic organizations, businesses


Begin Fall 2012


# of books offered to families at birth

# of books in the home

% of parents who picked up their books in the library

% of parents who received a birth packet

% of parents who report increased reading in the home

2. Promote engagement among civic organizations, local businesses, health care providers, and service providers to inspire young readers through programming events and financial support.

Civic organizations, businesses, churches, schools, seniors


3. Advocate for additional opportunities at the Public Library (e.g. expanded hours at the library and summer learning programs).

Library, Town Council, Friends of the Library, BoE, Reading Specialists,

Winter 2013-Winter 2014

4. Conduct an annual “One Book-One Town” event for young children

Town Officials, Schools, Library, businesses, organizations, child care and preschool centers, seniors, community residents

Spring 2013

STRATEGY 2: To promote literacy development and narrowing of the achievement gap.


1. Further develop and expand the
Early Educators Collaborative


STEPS/School Readiness, preschools,
home daycares, CGS teachers


Winter 2013


2. Develop cross discipline trainings inclusive of all Coventry preschool providers and CGS Staff CGS staff, CECC, PP, CKC, home day care providers Begin conversation spring 2013
3. Enhance the Literacy Support at CGS and GHR with the addition of a literacy coach. BoE, Town Council, CGS & GHR Administrators Fall 2012- hopeful for grant dollars

STRATEGY 3: Create a system of equitable preschool opportunities for all Coventry children

1. Expand the scope and increase the utilization of the Preschool Screen

Child Find Coordinator, All preschools and home day cares, town clerk, CGS office staff

Fall 2013

2. Review final recommendations of the Coventry Preschool Feasibility Study for the creation of an early childhood center which offers extended day opportunities

STEPS, BoE, Town Council

Begin conversation Fall 2012

Car Seat Safety
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Preschool – It’s Not Too Late To Enroll

The Coventry Early Childhood Center (CECC), located in the Hale Early Education Center (on the Capt. Nathan Hale Middle School campus) still has a couple of openings in the school day program (6 hours per day). There is generous financial assistance available. For example, if a family of 2 is earning less than $10,000 they will pay $200/year for the program. A family of 4 earning approximately $80,000 will pay $2400 for the same program. Please contact CECC for more information at 860-742-4550 or contact us.

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