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Kathleen Krider

Kathleen Krider has lived and worked for most of her life in the greater Willimantic community and considers herself  a true “townie”.  Her involvement in her community spans a wide range of interest and activities both personal and professional.  She has worked in area high schools and early education centers, volunteered for a variety of area organizations and businesses  and teaches PEP because she believes in the power of parents who want to be involved in their communities.  Kathleen currently lives in Coventry with her two sons and works at EASTCONN as a grant facilitator.

My decision to facilitate PEP came via an opportunity associated with my job in the Town of Mansfield.  Ironically, the idea was also based on a collaborative effort between myself and a professional peer.  Little did we now that our decision to become PEP facilitators would in fact become a model for some of how PEP works.  The idea that with the confidence, knowledge and the resources any two or three (or more) people who want to make a difference can.  Now facilitating PEP is about working with Kathryn and Jeff, meeting new people, getting great ideas out  into the community, seeing people who wouldn’t otherwise take on leadership rolls really embracing that identity and growing my own sense of ability.  PEP is a great curriculum and I’m happy to be involved with it.

Jeffrey Smithson

With certificates from Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Clown College and The Dell’Arte International School of Physical Theater and a B.A. in Religion Jeff blends clown, creativity and compassion into performances and workshops that focus on physicality and fun. Jeff has appeared on a multitude of traditional and non-traditional stages.  For 14 years, he worked with kids with chronic and life-threatening illnesses as part of The Big Apple Circus Clown Care program and Paul Newman’s The Hole in the Wall Gang Camp: Hospital Outreach Program.

Founded in 2011 Jeff’s Consulting Company Proponent of Play creates safe atmospheres for people to develop through mindfulness and movement.  Workshops focus on the developmental power of play wherein communication and community can flourish.

People Empowering People is a process wherein a diverse group of community members gathers and, through a series of workshops and facilitated discussions, they discover what is important to them both individually and collectively.  The end result is an actively engaged group creating projects that serve local residents thereby fostering a greater sense of community.

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Preschool – It’s Not Too Late To Enroll

The Coventry Early Childhood Center (CECC), located in the Hale Early Education Center (on the Capt. Nathan Hale Middle School campus) still has a couple of openings in the school day program (6 hours per day). There is generous financial assistance available. For example, if a family of 2 is earning less than $10,000 they will pay $200/year for the program. A family of 4 earning approximately $80,000 will pay $2400 for the same program. Please contact CECC for more information at 860-742-4550 or contact us.

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