Nurtured Strategy Table

STRATEGY 1: Improve communication between, enhance coordination of & access to services provided by agencies and departments working with children and families.


1. Child Advocacy Team (CAT)


HS/YS will oversee this team. Invites 3 team members to each meeting, based on what is appropriate for that family.

Possible Partners:

Parents, DCF, Principal of CGS or GHR (or their designee), Director of CECC, CPD (Chief or Designee), Human Services, Youth Services, Faith Community, Generations Family Health Center, STEPS Coordinator


September 1, 2012



# of agencies involved in CAT

# of CAT meetings

# of children referred

% of families who participate in CAT

% of referrals reviewed within 2 weeks

% of families satisfied with services

% of referrals that families follow through on from CAT

% of repeated calls made for service to DCF and Police made by families who participated in CAT

2. Identify and link families to prevention programs including Nurturing Families, Child First and PAT

United Services- Child FirstMMH/ECHN & Hartford Nurturing FamiliesHelp Me Grow

Human Services, CPD, MOM’s Club, Preschools, playgroups

Nurturing Families: need policy change as Coventry families are not being screened. Work with Legislators. Begin fall 2012.Child First- Begin Fall 2012PAT- ongoing as we need to secure funding to offer the full array of PAT services

3. Forum for Family Support Service Providers:

HS Advisory Board already in existence. Possible expanding membership and inviting more guest speakers.

 September 1, 2012

STRATEGY 2: Create a Family Resource Center to serve as a one stop shopping location for parents and families to access information and services.


1. Secure a location for the FRC.


STEPS Coordinator


Spring 2013



2. Develop programs and informal networks for parent education and support.

UCONN Psychological Services, CECC, Generations Family Health Center, School Social Workers

Offer one class in the Fall 2012.

3. Enhance the Information and Referral System

STEPS CoordinatorHS/YS

Already available

4. Coordinate Adult Education and Job Training Offerings

Vernon Adult EducationEASTCONN Adult Education

Begin a class in Winter 2013

# of adult education offerings% of attendees who complete program% of attendees who get a job

5. Identify Funding Sources to sustain the efforts of the FRC.

STEPS Collaborative as a whole

January 1, 2013

Car Seat Safety
Know for Sure

Find out if your child is in the right car seat. For more information about car seat safety guidance and laws in CT, please visit:

Preschool – It’s Not Too Late To Enroll

The Coventry Early Childhood Center (CECC), located in the Hale Early Education Center (on the Capt. Nathan Hale Middle School campus) still has a couple of openings in the school day program (6 hours per day). There is generous financial assistance available. For example, if a family of 2 is earning less than $10,000 they will pay $200/year for the program. A family of 4 earning approximately $80,000 will pay $2400 for the same program. Please contact CECC for more information at 860-742-4550 or contact us.

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